OEM is the English abbreviation for Original Equipment Manufacturer, the literal translation for original equipment manufacturer, is actually a commissioned production. Commonly known as "OEM". Is brand producers not directly production products, but using himself master of "key of core technology" is responsible for design and development new products, control sales "channel", and production capacity limited, even even line, and plant are no, to increased production and sales, to reduced Shang new line of risk, even to won market time, through contract ordered of way delegate other similar products manufacturers production, by set products low price buyout, And affixed their brand directly. This is OEM commissioned production of cooperation, to undertake the processing task is called the manufacturer of OEM manufacturers, their products are OEM products.

OEM feature is: technology, capital, market, only, production.

Company to provide cosmetic OEM/ODM customers one-stop service, trademark, industrial design, material procurement, market positioning to recipe research and development are very carefully to provide you with one-stop service.

The benefits of OEM processing:

Professional cosmetic brand design, packaging material procurement of raw materials, cosmetic Institute, specializing in the production workshop, to provide customers with one-stop service, which can greatly reduce production costs, improve brand value, brings great benefits to manufacturers and businessmen both.

(1) the OEM can effectively reduce the cost of branding to realize low cost operation. Merchants limited funds must invest in sales, production costs will be reduced to a minimum. As long as the clients ' investment funds, will be producing the corresponding product, customers do not need to worry about the plant, production line, such as capital investment, you can enjoy hassle-free one-stop services.

(2) the OEM enable businesses to create their own brand to become a reality. Now to businesses for the development of its own brand of cosmetics industry trend is arising all over the country. Businesses by way of OEM processing, do not have to build the factory conditions, can still have their own products, before the advent of the OEM, it is almost impossible. Have a professional design and development team, to provide professional brand design and register, so customers do not need to run for the brand.

(3) the OEM enables businesses to go all out to concentrate on the promotion of the brand. One-stop service, savings for customers looking for cosmetics factories, found materials, printing, and find the cumbersome process of design and planning company, enables businesses to foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses focus to promote the brand, to achieve a multiplier effect.

OEM processing services:
  1. Xiu, branding, packaging design, trademarks
  2. Sales of raw materials, packaging, purchasing, packaging manufacture, formulation development
  3. Special cosmetics agent licenses
  4. Processing, packaging manufacture, OEM brand
  5. Finished and semi-finished products processing

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