Talent Concept

A, new concepts to selected personnel

Companies adhere to "final analysis" principle, developed a set of strict selection and hiring procedures, ensuring the quality of talent, namely: first — the second interview (written tests, examination, reply) — trial — appraisal — employment. Made on a relatively level playing field in the competition for talent.

Second, with a new mechanism of cultivating talents
  1. Establishing talents mechanism. While changing the titles once assessed lifetime status. Created by professional and technical personnel in the company's scientific research, economic, technical and technological innovation ability of indicators as a basis for objective evaluation, evaluate technical and professional and technical engagement. The other hand, the companies through the establishment of "system" and "" the performance appraisal system, in order to provide equal opportunities and competitive pay.
  2. Formulating and carefully organized employee short-, medium-and long-term training programmes. Knowledge is a treasure, constantly with new knowledge to enrich the minds of employees, give employees opportunities to learn and charge, company training characteristics can be summarized as "long knife, medium gold-plated, short charge".
  3. Corporate culture to enhance the quality of staff. Promote the new concept of cultural management, learning, and creating learning organizations. Blue Sky admonished "out of your people, not your competitors, and should be your own ", like an invisible pointer, always urging company employees to continuously learn, constantly enrich himself. Using a strong corporate culture cultivating team spirit, emphasizes "human, transforming man". By "Enterprise I, Qi decline my shame", and "don't work hard today, tomorrow to try to find work" warning education, training employees a sense of crisis in the learning environment, enhance solidarity and cohesion, the ideal staff consistent, consistent, consistent action.
Third, the eclectic talents
  1. For the staff to provide a stage to display their talent in order to motivate talent.
  2. Through "equality, trust" principle of motivating employees consciously dedicate yourself ingenuity.
  3. With the extended mind, not for me, but for my use.
  4. "For talent". Best use of entrants is the human way of top of the POPs. No one is perfect, talent is just longer than a person, put them in the right jobs, develop their skills, let people enjoy the pleasure, this is our talent.
Four retain talent, careers, environment, treatment
  1. For talent provided a good platform for business, to the cause of keeping.
  2. Establish a climate of respect, integrity, harmonious corporate culture environment, environment to keep people.
  3. Keep people with lucrative salaries, benefits.

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