Product researcher


  1. Responsible for evaluation of the efficacy of a variety of products tested;
  2. Responsible for the evaluation of test data, results, statistics, archives, write test report;
  3. Responsible for developing product efficacy evaluation methods, perfecting the evaluation test procedure specification, and related documentation and information (such as work instructions, etc);
  4. Responsible for the routine maintenance of the product evaluation laboratory work, participating in procurement of related equipment and supplies, laboratory work;
  5. Volunteer library, is responsible for establishing and maintaining the cosmetic evaluation expert pool;
  6. Monthly, quarterly, and annual summary, time, updating the relevant files (such as work schedules, project schedules, and so on);
  7. Complete implementation of related external projects (such as cooperation, technical exchange, etc);
  8. Finish other tasks assigned by leader.


  1. University degree or above, biochemistry, medicine, chemistry, statistics, analysis and other related professionals;
  2. Skin test experience or cosmetic work experience minimum 1 years of consumer research; cosmetics testing experience is preferred;
  3. Skilled in skin test-related knowledge and skills; understand the relevant regulations and cosmetics management system knowledge; master cosmetic product evaluation test methods understand basic characteristics of cosmetics and cosmetic efficacy substance; be familiar with computer Office software, network;
  4. Good communication and presentation skills; have some organization and planning skills, analytical summary has some foreign language skills.  


Market manager

Job responsibilities:

  1. Implementing brand marketing strategy and plan;
  2. Responsible for dealer training program development and implementation, training lesson plans written and archived;
  3. Implement etiquette dealer marketing services, professional skills, marketing, organization and management of an effective upgrade;
  4. Guidance and training channels for marketing, channel development, inventory management, brand promotion;
  5. Coordination, monitoring and promoting the network stores and supermarket agents stationed in;
  6. Implementation, of medium and large terminal control area market promotion activities.

Job requirements:

  1. Three-year trade channel dealer training in cosmetic industry management experience;
  2. Good image quality;
  3. Familiar with the hundred KA system terminal operations and management;
  4. Excellent market analysis and business judgment, organizational and planning skills, communication skills;
  5. Willing to travel.

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