Full Set ODM

 ODM is short for Original Design Manufacturer, which stands for original design manufacturers. Some manufacturers to design the product, will be other companies, requirements on the company's own brand name to production, sales, or doing some small design changes for the production, and to own brand sales. The biggest benefit of this is the latter to cut their development time. Used to call the former the latter ODM.
Brand output

Brand output: is based on original OEM/ODM of based Shang adapted new of market competition environment of a new, and effective of mode, specific reflected in for Enterprise provides cosmetics trademark design, and trademark registered, and products market positioning, and products outside packaging design, and package material procurement, and formula development, and products sends, and products packaging, a station type service, from raw materials, and development, and design, and making, each a a link are by integration, and a station type carefully build. At present, provides a one-stop service is mainly cosmetic brand in the output.


① the strength of cosmetic agents, plans to launch its own brand, but it is not clear brand design, no experience and time to buy packing material, an one-stop service;

② No cosmetics industry experience, want to invest in a brand, but it is not clear brand design, no experience and time to buy packing material, an ODM company output brand one-stop service.

Programme content:
  1. Communicate with customers, planning, brand positioning and requirements planning brand stories;
  2. Trademark design and registration, copywriting and design the appearance of the product;
  3. Ordering product packaging, printed packaging, brochures and labels;
  4. According to customer's brand positioning and customer requirements template and decide the product ingredients;
  5. Provides three certificates (business license, health permit, production permit);
  6. Assist customers in national or provincial organizations and obtain the test report or certificate;
  7. Products are packaged, serve customers, customers can directly into the sales.
Program advantages:

Save the customer found cosmetic factories, found materials, printing, and find the cumbersome process of design and planning company, avoided when quality problems arise, don't know which link held helpless situation. Give customers time, quality, communication and maximum protection.

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