Facial Mask

Flowers sleep mask

Flowers sleep mask

First, main ingredient: activated collagen, deionized water for medical use

Second, function: medical collagen is an important component of the skin, and can penetrate skin, easy to get rid of the stain, dark; removing blackheads on the nose, removing dirt and impurities from pores make skin smooth, supple and vibrant. For skin: suitable for all skin types, especially dry, coarse, fine lines, acne muscle, redness and skin types

Third, the use of methods: 1. use a deep cleansing facial before, speed up penetration of mask, the effect is more obvious. 2. opening the small packaging, take out the mask apply it gently on the face, his fingers gently pressing the bubbles out, mask and face tight fit. 3.15-20 minutes later, the mask is taken off. 4. after removing the mask, finger tapping the face, helps the skin absorb the essence. 5. warm water wash, dry, you can apply other skin care products. 6. This mask higher nutrients recommended use 2-3 times a week.

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