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No silicone oil shampoo, open the new era of scalp care

In 2014, the national benchmark companies, after years of marketing and product research and development, spending huge sums to launch "scalp care," designer products —— source of HIV/AIDS. Different from traditional designer products, sources of HIV/AIDS with "no silicone oil scalp treatment" difference category into the market, brand, research and development, product, channels, promotion five forces, to create a Silicon-free oil scalp care leader.

Brand: winning category, focus on non-silicone oil scalp treatment

In China more than 90% shampoo containing silicone oils, designer market is still in its infancy in China, need to be upgraded.

No silicone oil scalp treatment, as a healthy and fashionable lifestyle, has become a popular trend in foreign countries, in Japan, 59% acceptance of silicone-free oil scalp treatment concept in Europe, this figure rises to 63%.

Face international brand lined, with quality of phenomenon increasingly serious of China wash nursing market, HIV/AIDS source used differences of strategy, from health wash nursing of concept starting, innovation category, main no Silicon oil natural scalp nursing, face 25-35 age is upgrade life quality of contemporary women consumption groups, for they provides high quality scalp nursing products, brings natural, and health of no Silicon oil scalp nursing experience.

development: professional focus, for silicone oil scalp treatment-free power 25

Sources of HIV/AIDS is a new brand, but has inherent advantages. HIV/AIDS enterprises group owns two skincare brands: lanlin card meifubao and law, from the skin of the face to the head skin, focusing on skin care for 25 years. It is reported that also spent 400 million, to build 120,000 square meters production base for national health care, and in January 2014, official production use.

In development aspects, HIV/AIDS source and international top of Japan Biken Development Center cooperation, teamed up in the day Han three big masters, build Asia top health scalp nursing works: original g Japan nursing sent technology Chief Scientist Yang Jianzhong Dr led no Silicon oil revolution, original Korea love Jasmine Pacific cosmetics group of Chief packaging designer Zheng Fenglong design international packaging, original Shiseido flavor Institute Chief adjustable incense Shi Guanglai clear a modulation natural products flavor.

Product: silicone-free shampoo, scalp care products really

And chemical class wash nursing products different, HIV/AIDS source advocates health of no Silicon oil scalp nursing, across shampoo never containing on scalp, and hair harmful of Silicon oil, chemical class components, real do 6 no added: no Silicon oil, and no dyeing agent, and no oil class surfactant, and no mineral oil, and no animal sex raw materials, and no Nepal parking gold ester, real of mild nursing, and no residues.

100% natural source pursuit of HIV/AIDS, global selection of natural plants, organic plant ingredients originate from Germany Tak Hing, Switzerland Clariant, and obtained ECOCERT organic certification/accreditation international. And has two national patent —— Eriocaulon extract, raspberry fruit extract and hot Mint essence.

Channels: dual channel dual mode, national coverage

Sources of HIV/AIDS focused on channel two channel Super channel and store, and features two channels with different products, Terminal and training policies support the image. In the trade channel, combining established a national direct sales and distribution network, to cover the national supermarkets. Store channels, established distribution network, covering the whole country market.

Promoting: strong advertising, off the scalp treatment for all sports

Asian popular Idol song portrait of endorsements, hand in hand AIDS brings leading international source for Chinese consumers, new concepts of healthy scalp treatment; China's first creative people in the leafy, tailored for sources of HIV/AIDS in big ideas, power source powerful listing of HIV/AIDS.

With HIV/AIDS source of listed, heavy media plans also will full opened: I for song crazy total Crown name, and stars theatre, and very static distance total Crown name, and Central 8 sets evening gold Theatre Crown name, and boys girls brand concert,, from TV, and network to industry media, for full advertising put and depth cooperation, more for series soft implanted of column packaging and network interactive promotion.

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