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Po: sweeps across into the main battlefield of the Departmen

On March 30, 2014, meifubao "change · change the future" —— brand marketing seminar held in Wuhan Grand in the second quarter. From more than more than 30 provinces of the country beauty day distributors to participate in the meeting to discuss brand development of meifubao future.

"Focus on department stores to change their thinking"

Micro-marketing e-commerce channels rapidly expanded, beginning to scale, cosmetic stores rapidly expanding competition, Chinese and foreign brands want to store channels a piece, to seize the strategic high ground. Meifubao as a national brand, in the system after more than 10 years of successful operation, has been with forward-looking strategic vision at the end of 2012 and start focusing this strategy must struggle unnecessarily —— department store channel. This time, the meifubao not only seize the initiative, is based on the unique pattern of differentiated marketing presence in department stores, pushing across the country "Japan shop" to "experience store" upgrade the metamorphosis, with experiential marketing-new model for skin beauty treasures return to Department Store main channel of saving energy.

"Play poised"

3rd "meifubao whitening sunscreen —— beautiful Sun out" large counter activities to pitch echo, offline interactive forms, popular sentiment, the impressive volume successfully lifted Po brand in the international skin beauty big stacks of department store skincare range of status and influence, all dealers are inspired and inspiring. In addition, this seminar presented successful examples of 6 large shopping malls in Wuhan activities also attend all dealer to see a meifubao brand of powerful and determined to enter the Department store.

After a year of ready and precipitation, meifubao entered the new Millennium moment has arrived.

"Brand upgrades itself"

Entered the Department store channel upgrade, this landmark for meifubao revolutionary, for which comprehensive upgrading of the meifubao brand is imperative. This meeting, image products for the future system upgrades, Terminal upgrades, promotions, upgrades, training, upgrades, system upgrades, and many other leading members for discussion and published, dealers are actively put forward their ideas and suggestions. Beautiful skin, says Bao Chen Wenjun, General Manager of the Centre: "meifubao brand has the confidence and the determination to enter the store, and, together with the dealer partners to find ways to identify problems, accumulate experience, act together! "


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