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To enhance the marketing combat training camp to Ares whirlw

"A child not taught, the parent of" this old media and social backlash valve parenting responsibilities a weapon. Here it is used as a metaphor for the Terminal guide personnel and brand too much. Turns out, brand is not just shopping people parents brand or sales mentor, depicting life has had a profound impact on the Guide. Guide to quality problems, brand is shirking away responsibilities. Marketing is a profound knowledge, whether in high places strategy makers, still rushed in the front line sales staff, you need to constantly absorb new knowledge and upgrade their quality and capability.

Experience service best brand has been continuously upgrading system, absorbing domestic and foreign excellent training ideas, keep up with the pace of the times, service personnel for the brand with the latest, most in line with the market development of professional training, the result is outstanding.

In 2014, the first guide to build the "war camp" will be held on April 21 in Chengdu Grand start. Next, in 23 cities across the country are pushing to achieve "breakthrough in 2014," the marketing goals and lay a solid foundation.

God of war training camp "experience service upgrade strategy of pushing forward" basis for training from professional knowledge, attitude adjustment, team concepts, and marketing techniques, such as more comprehensive training in the area. Professional trainers, policy advisers, business leaders form a powerful team, provides the most effective guidance for training guide.

Economic development catalyst the market competition is becoming increasingly fierce. Traditional marketing strategies can no longer meet the needs of market competition. Respond quickly to market changes, make "build Terminal experience store" brand strategy, from product-driven single market, turned to the double strike strong added value of products and services marketing. Consumers know the brand, recognised quality service experience brand, greatly enhance the buying rate for the second time, increase the brand Word. Therefore, the ability to purchase put forward higher requirements.

Through the "war camp", guide more detailed understanding "experience store" model, more targeted learning and improve their marketing skills, to upgrade personal and professional values and sales performance at the same time, consumers rely on the professional beauty consultants.

Learning to change fate, knowledge of future success. Fostering excellence through to the end, firing, to enhance marketing effectiveness. King of marketing, service winner.

On April 17, 2014, for the national collection of the most beautiful shopping guide, the agents, store a positive response, to inquire more than hundred people on

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