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Sunshine plan -- Paomaping moved Ninglang

Recently, by the sole named youth inspirational reality show the eighth season of the deformation gauges are hot in shooting, Sun plans to volunteer to follow the program, for filming mountain children sent to the "charity student package" hand-delivered "for the world to become beautiful" love relay!

Project Sunshine in October 2013, has followed deformation gauges have gone through three stations, for almost a thousand mountain children to love and warmth. The sunshine project, volunteers came to the ping Xiang Yang Ansan small Happy Valley, ninglang County, Yunnan province.

Sheep Ansan small township House is located in Happy Valley ping 8 kilometers to the North, was built in 1965, 1971, expands to become small. 116 students, Faculty in school 7.

When the volunteers came to the sheep An Shanwan hours comes as children lined up on the playground. Although the spring season, lang in April, but still with some chill in the air, charge staff wrapped clothes to keep warm. And the children wore on his feet were blistered heel slippers, long sleeve coat with short sleeves t shirt has become a "smart" way of cold, dark brown face a scratchy road marks on, but really is a joy and contentment!

When donated cars drove slowly out of the school gate to leave, children were standing on both sides of the road, holding hands while it is to salute the volunteers to their eyes, this is the best moment in the world at the moment, these trivial material can get deep inside the rustic touch is a very worthy thing …

This, volunteers also wants to with most rustic of a sound "Thanks" thanks in Sun plans road give selfless support of amiable cute of people: local government, and school, and teacher, and villagers, and also has deformation meter program group of staff, because has everyone wholeheartedly of support, Sun plans of each a times love donation activities to smooth completed, Sun plans to more go more far …

The world is beautiful, you give love get love! Love, the world becomes more beautiful!

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