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Company about 2000000 yuan introduction of Japan "the Unite

With the growing production needs of the company, the company invested more than 2 million Yuan to introduce the world's most advanced Japan "MIZUHO beauty he" emulsifying equipment (500kg). "Beautiful celebration of MIZUHO" emulsifying equipment mainly used in demanding more medicine, the food industry, but its prices are expensive, so rare in the cosmetics industry. Companies in order to provide our customers with high quality products, walking in front of industry, introduced the most advanced, highest level of emulsifying equipment, is a major and company vision wise decision, in order to achieve company goals and lay a good foundation.

On January 2, the emulsifying equipment from "United States he's" production base in Jiangsu, China shipped to my factory, "United States he's" equipment installation and commissioning engineers nearly a week, went into operation, the company produces greatly enhanced, better serve our manufacturing customers.

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