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Nigeria Free Trade Zone Management Seminar tour to visit the

September 17 at 11 o'clock in the morning at Patrick and Deputy Director of the State Development Planning Commission. Abiola. Lawson led, in Guangdong Province, the Guangzhou foreign trade and economic cooperation, development zone accompanied by outreach leaders, free trade zone management training class for 30-member delegation of Nigeria, to visit our company.

Members delegation listened attentively to the presentation

Member delegation in Narrator and translator's introduction to visit corporate pavilions and cosmetics Museum. When we visited, delegation member was I attracted by the rich culture of traditional Chinese culture, and occasionally picked up a pen and this is recorded. When it comes to product areas, skin beauty lanlin treasure and law cards, my beautiful refined products attracted the interest of delegations, and from time to time ask for product specific information to staff, and noted that the product is effective and of high quality, popular after consumers, members of the delegation have expressed willingness to buy. Subsequent delegation enthusiastically visited the Museum of beauty cosmetics, facing the beautiful and ancient collections of bright and vivid images, members who revel in the history of thousands of years of Chinese culture of beauty, and sent bursts of praise from time to time.

Members of the delegation are attracted to Chinese dress culture

12:30, the whole tour ended, members of the delegation reluctantly left the company, and expressed the hope to visit again sometime in the future, to buy products.

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