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Based on the fundamental, can go to the international

In July 2010, 22-23rd, the third Chinese cosmetics General Assembly held in Pullman Beijing West Wanda hotel. Nearly the domestic cosmetics business brings together in one place to discuss China's cosmetics industry how to break down trade barriers, enhance brand value, brand industrial chain integration and promote cosmetics industry upgrade and the process of globalization. General Assembly invited dozens of famous Chinese cosmetic industry mainstream chain enterprises as a special guest, Guangzhou cosmetic technology list.

Date of Qu He General Manager to "based on the fundamental, can go international" as its theme, participants discussed the future development of China's domestic cosmetics brand road. She pointed out that the Chinese cosmetics market as a whole was essentially a foreign brand at present dominated by Chinese brands are squeezed into a two or three line of cosmetics market, this is because domestic brands do not have to dig out that appealed to consumers their own unique brand of culture. China has a long history of traditional beauty essence skin treasure island presents a national brand cultural connotations, digs from the Chinese traditional culture and innovative development, Chinese woman's inner beauty to the world.

At the meeting, and also share with you the success of meifubao experience. In her view, the meifubao's development mainly depends on the development, production, training and advertising channels, five systems to support. Research and development is fundamental, in 2009, an additional $ 13 million to form the move fully reflects the improving of the Institute's own research and development attention. Production is the key, the current industrial park has nine new and modernized production line, with annual production of various kinds of skin care products capacity to 100 million. In June of this year of 100 acres of land to build plants, mainly into the designer, perfume, cosmetics and so on, expanding capacity and continue to improve production technology will provide consumers with more abundant category of products. Advertising is a driving force in recent years when China and Fu-pao's advertising to grow doubling annually, aggressively advertising effectively boosted brand awareness boost. Channel development platform is, at present, meifubao has two major daily and professional business systems, establish marketing network of over 15,000 in the Chinese market as a whole, perfect and covered a broad range of Channel Network brand continued to develop new opportunities for development. Training is the development of a source, our greatest asset is the human, in addition to the normal training year quarterly unified quality training to employees, 2009 school building, on the training of enterprise personnel, has a system-wide, more efficient and sustainable growth of enterprise education platform. Song General speech to show participants the development of self-growth trajectory, brought confidence to the ethnic cosmetics company. China the United States relies on Chinese enterprises to create cosmetics more respected in China is our common ideals.

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