Cooperation Model

OEM OEM, samples can be processed, formula processing, materials processing, package filling a variety of modalities of cooperation. Suitable for: international and domestic brand dealers or investors for many years industry experience.

ODM brand processing services, provide the trademark registration, product portfolio, package design, accessory selection, market action programme for such a service. Suitable for: company to develop new brands, agents or distributors to produce their own brand, without wasting too much time, energy and money.

Formulation selection

A, provide formula — provide customers with recipes and production procedures, the company manufactured according to information provided by the sample, to customer testing and validation, the time required to 2-3 weeks; then by a stability test (takes a month) after production.
B, standard formula — company has accumulated many years of experience, has more than 4,000 stable formula, from which customers can select formula designed specifically for its mass production, the time required for about a week.
C, improved formula — changes to the current formula in accordance with customer requirements, such as flavor, color, and shape, then press the need to produce, the time required for a week.
D, the development of new formulations of — time required to 1-2 months, depending on customer requirements, service projects include: 1), product positioning, concept 2), studies on the active constituents of; 3), determine the product's texture, aroma, and other cosmetic features; 4), test, modify the formula and mass production.

Processing category

A, use: face wash, lotion, moisturizer, serum, facial mask, Foundation, massage cream, soft powder, oil, shampoo, Hair Conditioner, shower;
B, function classification: moisturizing, nutrition, whitening, moisturizing and regeneration, oil control, firming, anti-wrinkle, anti-ageing, anti-allergy, repair, sunscreen, detoxification, beauty cream, acne, breast enhancement, body shaping body;
C, status, category: lotion, cream, gel, liquid, liquid, gel, cream film, films, film and so on.

Service process

A, before processing: selling design —— design —— the selected paste —— bottle type select —— set packaging —— packaging
B, processing: paste pattern recognition —— paste —— filling —— shipping
C, process: tracking services, responses to customer feedback

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